Auto Accident Injury

Let a Chiropractor Help with an Auto Accident Injury

An auto accident injury can be complicated. There may be pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. Due to the impact, whiplash and other issues may have caused alignment problems. At Joslyn Chiropractic Center, we specialize in such injuries. Throughout Lake Orion, Waterford, Clarkson, Troy, Bloomfield, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, and Rochester Hills, you can depend on our chiropractors for help.


Common Auto Accident Injuries

You may encounter several injuries once you have been involved in an auto accident. The force of a car stopping abruptly can be jarring. Further, if you had an impact from another vehicle, you may be more banged up than you often realize. Most patients do not experience the full level of pain until a day or two after the accident because the adrenaline takes a while to wear off.

There are several injuries that can be treated by working with a chiropractor:

  • • Whiplash
  • • Herniated disc
  • • Knee trauma
  • • Back and neck pain

The scrapes and cuts are easy to see. However, you may be in a lot of pain because of the injuries that you cannot see. There may be swelling around the spine, problems with the overall alignment of your spine, and more. Tears and strains to your muscles and ligaments, particularly in your neck and shoulders can lead to a significant amount of pain – and it can take a while to heal.

Get the Help You Need

Before you can get treatment, it is important to know the extent of your injuries. When you visit us at Joslyn Chiropractic Center, we will perform a full physical exam. We may also order tests, such as an MRI and x-rays. It will allow us to see the full level of damage – and use these to show the insurance companies what needs to be treated so that you can properly heal.

We will also work with you to establish a customized treatment plan. This can include massage, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and other therapies. Often, the plan will encompass several weeks or months while we monitor your progress.

Everyone heals at different speeds, so there is no one treatment plan for an auto accident injury.

Make Your Chiropractic Appointment Today

When you have experienced an auto accident injury, you can turn to us at Joslyn Chiropractic Center. A chiropractor can provide the necessary diagnostics to identify the extent of the damage. We can also work with insurance companies to provide the care that you need. Throughout the areas of Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Lake Orion, Waterford, Troy, Clarkson, Bloomfield, and Pontiac, patients have trusted us with all their wellness needs.

Often, time is of the essence following an accident. Call us today to book your chiropractic consultation.


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