Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counselling in Chiropractic

At the Joslyn Chiropractic Centre, Pontiac, USA, we understand that misalignments and subluxations in the spine are the major causes of pain and disease. That is why we utilize state of the art chiropractic techniques to remove these subluxations from the spine and align it. This hands-on manipulation of mechanical disorders that affect the musculoskeletal system helps relieve pressure and irritation to the nerves, restore joint mobility, and ensure that the body’s optimal functionality is restored. 


We take pride in providing every patient that walks through our doors with the finest care from our highly trained chiropractors. We help patients get pain relief from headaches, neck pain, back and shoulder pain, chronic disease relief, herniated discs, pediatric ailments, respiratory function, sports injuries, whiplash, and other related conditions that originate from the spine. 

Nutritional Supplements and Chiropractic

Achieving total health and balance in the body includes making healthy food choices and taking nutritional supplements for minerals, vitamins, fiber, fatty acids, and amino acids. Supplements are essential, effective, and safe components that help supply the body with the necessary nutritional resources as it undergoes a transformation, repair, and renewal. 

Our experienced health professionals walk patients through the best supplement combinations, and also provide them with well-structured nutritional programs that are tailored to their individual needs depending on their age, weight, metabolism, genetics, and sex. Supplements help nourish the body with the essential nutrients, increase a patient’s energy, boost their immune systems, and help keep their bodies healthy and strong.

Using Chiropractic to Supplement Weight Loss

Chiropractic care takes a holistic approach that focuses on spinal alignments, a healthy diet, and moderate exercise to help patients with efficient weight loss.

How is that possible?

  • Realigning the spine enables the body's systems to function at their best ability, especially the nervous system. This in turn ensures the metabolism is kick-started and relaxed at the start of any weight loss program or workout session. 
  • Chiropractic care helps with the relief of pressure from the spine, which would otherwise hinder one from working out. A healthy spine makes it possible for one to engage in more routine workouts that burn more calories and in turn accelerate weight loss.
  • Spinal adjustments supplement workouts by giving muscles a tone up. Adjustments can also help get rid of adipose tissue, making it hard for the body to put on excess weight.

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If you are looking for a holistic approach that seeks to achieve and maintain the body’s optimal health, Joslyn Chiropractic Centre, 1044 Joslyn Ave, Pontiac, MI 48340 is the center on whose door you should knock. Here, our chiropractors not only care for your spine, but also offer lifestyle change recommendations that you can affect your eating, sleeping, and exercise habits for your general well-being.


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