Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Treatment from Your Chiropractor in Pontiac, MI

For patients with persistent back-related discomfort and related symptoms, a normal daily routine might be a thing of the past. The likely disrupters are neck pain, back pain, neuropathy, and sciatica. Fortunately, it is possible to get relief with natural therapies that avoid surgery or medication from our chiropractor in Pontiac. Our Joslyn Chiropractic Center is also very convenient for residents who live in or near Bloomfield, Lake Orion, Waterford, Clarkson, Troy, Auburn Hills, or Rochester Hills.


Understanding Spinal Decompression

Healthcare providers offer spinal decompression in both surgical and non-surgical modes.  However, chiropractic utilizes only non-surgical therapy.  This treatment features a motorized table that is adjustable to alternate between relaxing and stretching the spine.  It relieves pressure on nerves and other parts of the spine.

Our chiropractor in Pontiac notes that this therapy can bring relief for disorders such as:

  • • Back pain
  • • Sciatica
  • • Disc herniation
  • • Leg pain
  • • Spinal disc injury
  • • Nerve injury

It is especially helpful when attempting to heal herniated or torn spinal discs that have dried out over time from lack of fluid. As dryness increases, damage continues to grow and eventually results in inflammation.

What to Expect from This Chiropractic Treatment

Our chiropractor designs a customized treatment plan for each patient after a comprehensive chiropractic exam that reveals the cause of the individual’s pain or other discomfort. We offer spinal decompression therapy on an outpatient basis. 

Treatment involves placing the patient in the proper position on our special motorized table. Decompression progresses as our doctor monitors the individual on a computer to determine how to direct movement of the table. This directed movement permits targeting specific parts of the body where problems arise.

While the table moves, patients experience alternating relaxation and traction as the therapy causes gentle compression of the spine. The process produces negative pressure inside a targeted spinal disc. This forces any material that has bulged from the disc back into the correct place within the disc’s shell and permits precise localized treatment to bring relief.

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Our Joslyn Chiropractic Center staff strives to provide the best in care to every patient we see. We offer comprehensive services that include relief, corrective/restorative, and wellness care using state-of-the-art techniques.  At your first visit, our chiropractor in Pontiac, Dr. Leigh Elceser, will explain the science of chiropractic care and discuss how this type of treatment could bring relief. Be sure to call us today at 248-332-0111 to schedule a consultation and begin on your path to wellness. We offer a location also convenient to residents of Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Troy, Clarkson, Waterford, Lake Orion, and Bloomfield.


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